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Disease treatment (represented largely by medicine) and health restoration (represented by straight chiropractic) are two approaches to the health and well-being of individuals. They are like two trains on parallel railroad tracks. The two trains are essentially going to the same destination, that of physical, mental and emotional well-being. The objective is to lead a long, productive and fulfilling life, expressing your maximum potential through as much of it as possible. Which is going to get you there in the fastest, most efficient manner? If we can follow this analogy, we might describe the medical track as the Local and the chiropractic track as the Express line.

The Local (medical) track is really not concerned with getting its riders to the ultimate destination as quickly as possible. It has another priority, stopping at every little junction along the way. This is analogous to the idea of treating diseases. Medicine believes that by treating disease, “scheduling” their train with disease in mind, they can reach the destination. Some people ultimately do reach a long, productive life, despite the many disease stops they make along the way. Sadly for some, due to genetic problems, poor health care as a child and injuries, they have no choice but to take the Local. But there is another group that is even sadder. This is the group that wants to reach the train’s final destination but still chooses to take the Local. They make every little stop along the way and often never reach their ultimate destination.

In traveling back and forth between New York City and Trenton, New Jersey for three years on the Express an individual could never understand why people would opt for the Local rather than the Express. He could understand if they were only going to Princeton Junction, but if they were traveling all the way to New York, why take the Local? Most of the time the reason was fear. The Local was standing in the Trenton station ready to go. The Express, on the other hand, was coming up the east coast from Florida and had not arrived yet. Despite the train station’s assurance that it was “On Time,” they opted for the Local. He would always smile as the Express passed them somewhere south of Newark.

Taking the Express does not guarantee you will get there sooner. The train could break down or be delayed, and there are still a few stops that it has to make along the way.

Chiropractic is not a guarantee that you will lead a healthier, more productive life. But if you are truly interested in being as healthy as you can be, leading a full, productive and long life, your best chances are in taking the Express.