Sozo Chiropractic & Wellness

Monthly Memberships

Our vision is to make our community a better place by helping infants, children and adults express LIFE more abundantly through regular chiropractic care.  We do this by making chiropractic care affordable to families, and by educating them to share the importance of chiropractic effectively with others.

We offer individual and family memberships that give you access to regular chiropractic care.

Individual Memberships are $99/month.
Family Memberships are $149/month.

*Pricing does not include a $99 registration fee which covers you and your entire family during the first month of care.


Why don’t we accept insurance?

Insurance fees are naturally higher ($60-$250) than our current cash fees ($40 or less).  If we work with insurance, all our fees have to follow the insurance guidelines regardless of patient coverage, and we are bound by contract to take care of you according to THEIR guidelines rather than what is in YOUR best interest. By not working with insurance we help you avoid hassles, reduce patient out of pocket costs, and provide the best care possible without interference from your insurance company. This helps us keep our working overhead lower, which allows us to keep our fees affordable.

Because of the unique nature of our fee system, we can not and will not bill traditional health insurance, or accept MVA, Personal Injury, or Workman’s Compensation cases.